Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet - Facts & Fallacies

A raw food diet is unlikely to be complete and balanced.

FALSE. Able® make sure that every diet provides precise nutrition for your pet. We perform over 40 pieces of nutritional analysis on each and every ingredient and build recipes using this data.


Eating a raw food could make my dog poorly.

FALSE. Dogs have evolved to eat raw food and have been doing so for thousands of years. Dogs are not the same a humans - eating raw poultry is not a sensible thing for a human to do because humans have evolved to eat cooked meat. Dogs eating ultra processed, cooked food is a relatively new concept and an increasing number of people don‘t think that‘s sensible either.


Raw Food may pose a risk to the humans handling it.

FALSE. By law all raw dog food has to be human grade and should be treated in exactly the same way as the raw meat you buy for your family. If you follow the same hygiene precautions as you would when preparing your own meals at home any risk is minimised.


Raw food is not suitable for dogs with allergies.

FALSE. The single most important factor contributing to the popularity of raw food is a reduction in suffering from allergies. Feeding a high quality, human grade, unprocessed and grain free diet is the logical first step in trying to find relief from allergies and their associated symptoms. Many allergies are proved to be rooted in the carbohydrates and grains prevalent in ultra processed kibble diets.


It is dangerous to feed a dog raw bones.

FALSE. Dogs have evolved to eat raw bones and bone is one of the most, if not the most, important part of a dog‘s diet. However feeding cooked bones can cause problems as they become brittle and are liable to splinter.


Eating raw food helps keep a dog’s teeth clean.

TRUE. 80% of domesticated dogs have some form of gum disease by the age of 4. Dry dog food or kibble is typically much higher in carbohydrate and sugars which contribute to dental problems. The naturally occurring enzymes in raw food help keep teeth clean and healthy.


Raw fed dogs produce less poo.

TRUE. A raw, natural diet is processed so much more effectively by your dog‘s body that he will produce far less poo — and what he does produce will be perfectly formed. Many raw feeders say they could never go back for this reason alone!


You can’t mix raw food with kibble.

FALSE. The more raw the better, but some is always better than none. There has been much published about why you shouldn’t mix the two because they digest at different rates, but little explanation as to why this is a bad thing. It is perfectly ok to feed kibble and raw food in either the same meal or as two different meals.

Rowan Allen is a Director of Able® and has spent close to 10 years working with and training dogs to field trial champion standard before launching Able® and Able® Thrive earlier this year.