What Lurks Below the Sahara Desert?

Scientists studying images of radar data of Egypt taken by the Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, have discovered mammoth lakes, river beds and coastal cities along these river beds under the sand. This technology is proving that some of these lake are bigger than the great lakes of Canada and were here over 250,000 years ago.

Egypt’s extreme aridity enhances the ability of radar to see sub—squace features. Buried channels can be detected as much as 50 feet below the surface of the desert.

Paleolithic human settlements near the areas of Selima and Tarfawi in Egypt correspond to a lake covering some 42,000 square miles, placing these settlements in what would have been desirable, near water regions.

There is growing evidence that these early lakes in the North African region could have supported human migration patterns, the researchers say.

The research by the scientists was published in the article “Evidence for Pleistocene lakes in the Tushka region, south Egypt,” in the December 2010 issue of the journal “Geology.”

At this moment in time researchers using this technology are beginning to explore the Amazon regions. They are finding massive structures, pyramids and advanced building techniques hidden under the jungle, thus in itself turning history on its head. More revelations and finds are being discovered every week.

It was over a year ago we mentioned about a temple being found in the desert supposedly belonging to the Queen of Sheba. The temple by all accounts should not be in this area.

Unfortunately due to terrorist activity in the region which compromised the dig, this had to be abandoned until a later time when it would be safe to continue the pIoject. The amheologists have covered over the place of interest to preserve the area for future inspection by them.

With advancements in our technology it is becoming clear that some of our history could be re—written from the evidence that these scientists are being able to uncover about the worlds past.

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https://insider. si.edu/2010/12/ancient—n1egalake—discovered—beneath—sahara—desert/