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Nottingham's first food & drink festival proves a huge success

Nottingham's first food & drink festival

An action-packed 5-day event has been heralded a huge success for the city as over 18,000 visitors, attracted by the celebrity chefs’ theatre and the speciality local and regional food and drink market in the Market Square, attended the first ever Nottingham Food & Drink Festival this month.

Top 6 diet myths: what you think you know could be sabotaging your diet


Everyone knows a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing – especially when deciding what to put into your body. That’s because lots of nutrition "facts" commonly stated as gospel truth are actually diet myths, and believing them can throw your diet and nutrition plans way off track.

Great British Carrots

Great British Carrots

Fun facts - In Britain we spend £280 million a year on carrots. Each year 22 billion seeds are planted in Britain, producing around 100 carrots per year for every member of the population. If you laid all the roots end to end they would stretch 2.3 million km, 2.5 return trips to the moon.