Give Sailing a go in May

There’s something for everyone as RYA Push The Boat Out gives you the chance to try sailing and windsurfing for free or low cost in Leicestershire and Rutland this May. 

Tulips Galore at Arundel Castle

From mid-April to early May around 60,000 tulips will burst into flower throughout the beautiful gardens of the Castle, which is this year celebrating the 950th anniversary of its initial construction. 

Swithland Flower Show

The hugely popular Swithland Flower and Vegetable Show will, again, be held at the usual venues of The Griffin Inn and Swithland School on Saturday 9th September. The show opens to visitors at 1.30pm.

Living Aboard by Adric Smith

Needing my own place and a place to call my own I started to research alternative living ideas. This also coincided with my catching up with an old friend who now lives on a narrow boat.

Tired of the rain and grey skies of the UK? Then, escape to a world of warmth and colour in the Seychelles, a picturesque paradise made up of 115 individual islands off East Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Capability Brown Anniversary Results in Tree-mendous Legacy

Thousands of trees have been planted across England as part of the Capability Brown Festival, which last year celebrated the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, the man who shaped much of the British landscape as we know it today. 

Hints & Tips For December/January by David Greaves

A spot of gardening, even on the coldest and greyest of days, will lift your spirits, and warm you up!  The shorter days also make it more difficult for gardening as the daylight hours but there are still may jobs to continue with in the winter months 

Roald Dahl's BFG Comes to Wistow

To mark the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth, Leicestershire’s famous Wistow Maze has been designed in the shape of one of his best loved characters, the “BFG (Big Friendly Giant). 

Hints & Tips: For April / May by David Greaves

Now Spring is here and the temperature is rising there are numerous jobs to be tended to. Firstly plant any new evergreen trees, shrubs and hedges and move any existing evergreens. 

Hints & Tips for Jan/March by David Greaves

It’s time to cut back any side shoots of Wisteria and Campsis to two or three buds, this will encourage growth and flowering. Also cut back any late summer/autumn flowering clematis to the lowest pair of strong buds. 

Hints & Tips For Oct/Nov by David Greaves


Autumn brings with it falling leaves, so make sure you clear them away regularly, especially along paths as they can become quite slippery when breaking down.

Canaves Oia Suites, one of the three properties under the Canaves Oia umbrella has announced its newest addition; the boutique Canaves Oia Spa, opening its doors this April 2016. 

RHS Gardens Winter Events Programme October 2015 – December 2015

RHS Garden

October 24 – 25 Oct: Pumpkin Weekend, RHS Garden Rosemoor Visitors can carve a pumpkin at lantern-making workshops, take the Pumpkin Trail around the garden and learn how to cook delicious pumpkin-based dishes. November 6 Nov: FREE Day Friday – Open Day, all gardens

Growing Trend in UK Gardens


With time becoming an increasingly precious commodity for many, it’s not surprising that more and more people are making a lifestyle choice: choosing to spend their free time relaxing on their lawns rather than mowing them.

Freshen up your look on board...

Freshen up your look on board...

  Imagine arriving in your cabin, dreaming of cocktails, cabaret and the Captain’s Table, only to find your carefully packed suitcase is full of creased, crumpled garments. All your best-laid plans of dressing to impress quickly go out the porthole!

Hints & Tips for Aug/Sept by David Greaves

Watering is essential in August as this is usually one of the hottest months of the year and where possible try and use recycled water to maintain water butt levels.

Which Fuel is Better for your Mower?

Grass cutting season is well underway but have you ever really thought about the petrol you use in your mower and what it is doing to you and your machine? Running a mower on normal fuel for an hour will give out the same exhaust emissions as 3 cars!

Time to Round up Roundup!


In 1974 Monsanto invented the herbicide glyphosphate trading under the name of 'Roundup' as mentioned in edition 104. Would you trust the company who gave us 'Agent Orange' the company who promised us that it would not harm humans?

Get Picnic Ready with Aston Martin

Aston Martin Luxury Picnic Hamper

 The Aston Martin Collection celebrates its elegant classic tan leather hamper in time for National Picnic Week in June. Designed for two, the Aston Martin picnic hamper combines luxury and functionality to complement the lifestyle of its owner.

Gardening Hints and Tips for June/July by David Greaves

Gardening Hints and Tips for June/July by David Greaves

  During these warmer months hoe the beds regularly whilst it is dry to keep the weeds down, dead head bedding plants to encourage continuous flowering and prune spring flowering shrubs. Also try and keep water butts full in case of any drought conditions.

Tackle the Wistow Maze this Summer

Tackle the Wistow Maze this Summer

  With England hosting this year’s Rugby World Cup, Leicestershire’s famous Wistow Maze is joining in the fun.