Manchet an old English breakfast bread

Before the French stick bread gained popularity and took over. Manchets, along with Muffins, were eaten at the breakfast tables of the rich as only the affluent could afford white bread with butter.


Group 1

Water 90ml
Yeast 25g fresh or 15g dried
Milk 350 ml tepid
Sugar 110g
Egg 35g (2 small eggs)

Group 2

Flour 710g strong white
Sea salt 15g
Butter (soft) 175g

Manchet bread

Mix group 1 ingredients together.
Add the mix to group 2 ingredients and knead into an elastic/stretchy dough; this could take 10 minutes.
Proof until double its size then ‘knock back’ and shape into 60g rolls
Proof rolls until twice their size then bake at 210degrees C for 15 minutes