Grilled Sea Bream- with Truffle Mash, Charred Onion, Salt Baked Beetroot, Roasted Chestnuts & Sea Greens

By Jack Jarman (Sous Chef) Serves 4


4 sides of wild Sea Bream
10 Red potatoes
Truffle oil
10 Baby onions
4 Beetroot

250g Chestnuts
200g chestnut mushrooms
Garnish – Sea Greens,
Herb oil, lemon balm cress

This is a very simple but incredibly tasty main meal that we currently have on the set menu in the restaurant.

Grilled Sea Bream- with Truffle Mash, Charred Onion, Salt Baked Beetroot, Roasted Chestnuts & Sea Greens
Preparing your sea bream.

Take off the belly that lays along the meat of the fish and discard. For presentation slice an inch from the tail if needed. With a pair of fish tweezers pull out any bones that might lay in the fish be very careful when doing this as you don’t want to damage any of the fish. If your fish need de-scaling then gently run your knife on the back of the skin to remove any scales. Set aside in the fridge until later.

On a tray make a bed of salt and place the potatoes. Place in the oven and cook till golden brown. This method is fantastic for making your mash dry as the salt draws out the moisture in the potatoes, as boiling potatoes for mash can make your potatoes very wet, lumpy and sloppy! Once cooked remove from the oven and cut in half. Push through a ricer, discarding the skins this will leave you with a white fluffy mash.

Place the whole onions in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil once boiled take the onions off and leave to cool. Slice the cooled onions in half taking off the brown skins leaving the root in place to keep the onion in shape. Set aside in your fridge.

Prepare the beetroots by washing them and taking off any root then place in a bowl of egg whites to coat. Roll in salt until the beetroots are covered then place in the oven and bake at 180 ̊c until they are golden brown or a knife can go through without any force. Wash the beetroots off and remove the skin, cut in to quarters and place in the fridge.

To assemble your dish, place half a block of butter in a pan and add mash, work in your butter, truffle oil and seasoning keep working till hot. Place your sea bream on a tray with seasoning butter and rapeseed oil and grill until the skin is golden brown. Gently fry your onions till golden brown and almost caramelised add a knob of butter and season. Fry your beetroot and mushrooms - season to taste, roast your chestnuts in the oven.

Now to plate the dish spoon a nice Rochelle of mash and place your fish on the top and then in no order place all the other ingredients around your fish and garnish with sea greens, oil and cress. Enjoy!